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How does school start again in 4 days.
Where the fuck did summer go.

Don’t get me wrong i love school and I’m ready for it, these 4 months just flew by so fast.


whats the meaning of life? son, its those little tiny pumpkins. the ones that are mad small.  you know the ones i mean. 

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❝ 1. Sometimes you’ll be like, “HEY EVERYONE LET’S DO SUSHI AND DRINKS AND FUN STUFF TOMORROW NIGHT!” but then tomorrow night comes and you regret everything as you try to weasel your way out of plans that you created. You resent 24-Hours-Ago-You for being so enthusiastic. ❞

14 Struggles Of Being Happy and Social Or Sad and Standoffish With No In-between  (via thenocturnals)

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My giant pain in the ass.
I took Aly on a tour of where I grew up tonight and we ended up at the swingset/playground at my elementary school. Nostalgia hit hard tonight :)

I’m very content with life right now.

One of my favorite humans