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The Story So Far - Closure (x)
❝ Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. ❞

— Mandy Hale (via onlinecounsellingcollege)



People look down on McDonald’s employees but fail to realize that if all these folks left McDonald’s and pursued “better careers”  your ass wouldn’t be able to get a McDouble with an Oreo McFlurry at 3am. 

You can’t demand a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for you. 

also see:

maids, waitresses, janitors, garbage collectors, and construction workers.

❝ A dying friend once told me, ‘I wish I hadn’t spent so many Mondays wishing it were Friday. I also wish I had made better use of those Fridays, for better stories on Monday.’ ❞

— A Wolf’s Thoughts (via wolfstravelsinmind)